Tribe 8

Tribe 8 is a cool fantasy-post-holocaust-horror game with a heavy spiritual undercurrent and some neat ideas (it is set in the ruins of Quebec). The material here is for my planned campaign set in the ruins of Germany, more specifically Mannheim/Heidelberg. There are different Fatimas here but the same monsters, themes etc. If you a re curious, take a look. If you are not playing Tribe 8 but some other fantasy horror roleplaying game such as Warhammer, or games like Gamma World etc. you might get some useful stuff here, too.

22.01.2006 - the last updates to this web site. Our campaign is coming to an end.


25.07.2004 - added some campaign material and a map. Hope to play the game soon.

Twin Rivers Campaign

Campaign Overviewpdf
Retainer Sheetpdf
Campaign Overview DM Notespdf
(NEW) Scenariospdf
City of Seckpdf
Rumours and Facts pdf (1) pdf (2) pdf (3) pdf (4) pdf (5) pdf (6), pdf(7)
Way of the Kolerispdf
Big B's Arenapdf
The Caravan of the White Russianpdf
Items of Powerpdf

NPCs and other generic stuff

Combat Sheet (Bitmap)gif
Black&White Combat Sheetpdf
Character Sheet (Bitmap)gif1, gif2
Black&White Character Sheetpdf
Tribe 8 Tablespdf
(NEW) Equipment Cards (easy way to handle equipment and trade goods)pdf
(NEW) Equipment Cards with colour pictures.pdf
House Rules for Tribe 8pdf
Some German info on magic in Tribe 8pdf


Here are some maps useable for Tribe 8 or any other post-holocaust dark future game.

The City of Seckgif,pdf
Ruined Streetsjpg(1), jpg(2)
Big B's Arenajpg
Infested Nightclubjpg
A City Blockgif
The Secret Cellar (hand drawn - I have done better)gif 1, gif 2
Battletiles - Ruinsgif
City of Schriejpg
The Spider Fort Command Centre pdf


Enemy Recognition Chartpdf
Mysterious Teacherspdf
Core Command Gear Krieg Jovian Chronicles Tribe 8 Heavy Gear